Terroir is a French word, difficult to translate. There are several definitions, but they are not thorough. The definition that best expresses the meaning of the word terroir comes from France, and it was coined by the Institut National des Appellations d’Origine (INAO): the terroir is a delimited geographical space where a community has built, during history, an intellectual and collective production savoir-faire, based on a system of interactions in a physical and biological space and a set of human factors, where the social and technical paths at stake reveal their originality, giving a typicalness and generating a reputation, to obtain an original product of this terroir. The terroir is a limited geographical space where a human community built in the course of history, a collective of intellectual knowledge production, based on a system of interactions between physical and biological environment and a series of human factors, within which the socio-technical itineraries put in the game reveal an originality, uniqueness and give a reputation to generate a product from this terroir. In recent years, it is becoming more widespread thought that the tastiness (good quality) of the wine is all about the work of the oenologist; a wine cooperative’s style has been considered more relevant than the territory and its cultural, social, economic, climatic and geomorphological features. Instead, it is exactly the combination of soil, climate, grape variety, farmers' knowledge, agronomic and oenological techniques, together with a long and slow evolutionary process which differentiate a wine, making it unique and exceptional. The terroir, transmitting its characteristics from the soil to the bottle, allows the wine to have a precise sensory profile. It is indeed the terroir which makes a wine unique. For this reason we believe that the study and the respect of the terroir are essential for the production and the knowledge of a grape variety and its wine. Protecting the terroir also means protecting the flavor of a wine. Our wines express a strong link with the territory of Villasimius and Sarrabus.
Thanks to the hard work of our qualified team, we are committed to search the agronomic and oenological techniques best suited to the characteristics and needs of each individual grape variety in the climate and soil. The varieties of grapes that we grow, Cannonau and Vermentino, are the highest expression of our terroir.

Our wines are produced from organic grapes grown in five acres of vineyard, in the countryside of Villasimius, in the hills of the piedmont belt of the plain of the rivers Rio Foxi and Rio Brennas. The vineyard
Suggestive both in summer and in winter, Villasimius is enclosed by rolling hills of Mediterranean bush and a celestial coloured sea of intense emerald-green and aqua-blue. Its white sands and breath-taking sig