BRENNAS - Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

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Cannonau is the red wine that more than any other immediately reminds of Sardinia, its traditions and its warm hospitality. The cultivation of the vine has spread throughout the island, but finds its ideal environment in the inner areas. Its origins are not certain, but it is thought that its introduction dates back to the period of the Spanish rule. Over thirty percent of the planted area is occupied by the Sardinian Cannonau, which gives wines a peculiar and characteristic finesse, taste and aroma which varies from area to area. Its color has shades ranging from more or less intense ruby red, tending to orange with age, with a good structure and flavors and scents that remind of fresh flowers and fruits in various forms, while the reserve or liqueur types offer more mature notes of jam and hot spicy nuances.



Brennas, Cannonau DOC of Sardinia, is produced organically in our vineyard in Villasimius, through strictly manual pruning and harvest and with the use of land in low yield per hectare. The cultivation takes place in dry soil without the use of irrigation and follows the organic method also for its processing.