C'Alma - Orange IGT

Despite what the name might suggest, orange wine is not made from oranges. C'Alma is a type of wine made by leaving the skins of two different grapes white varieties and grape seeds in contact with the juice during fermentation. This process is much more traditional in red wine making, which explains the depth of color and complex flavors of red wines. An orange/amber-colored wine is produced, hence the name "orange wine." The skin contact method used to produce orange wine gives it a distinct profile, characterized by robust flavors and a bold tannic structure not usually found in conventional white wines. This technique also contributes to the wine's unique color spectrum, which ranges from deep yellow to vibrant orange and amber hues.
Because of their pronounced flavors and structure, orange wines are known for their versatility in pairing with a wide range of foods. They can complement traditionally difficult dishes such as spicy cuisines and robust, hearty meals with wine. 
C'Alma is our space for experimentation without, however, disrespecting territory and tradition.
C'Alma is a blend of two different varieties of white grapes typical of Sardinia.It has a bright amber color, intense aromas of ripe yellow berry fruit and vanilla, alcoholic hints of distilled spirits, candied citrus fruits, slightly savory, mineral and spicy reminiscent of the Mediterranean scrub. Satisfying palate, full sip and long, clean finish.Finishes in oak barrels.