About us

Good wine is born of love and passion. Passion, a long-standing family tradition, our terrain on a hill overlooking the sea, caressed by sun and wind: these are the ingredients that go into Colline del Vento. Our winery was founded in 2006, upon the founding principles of the beauty of our land, my family history and a deep respect for nature and the perfection it offers us. 

Chi siamo
Upon a Small Hill

On the land I inherited from my grandfather (b. 1898) and that has belonged to my family for over a century, a terrain overlooking the sea at Villasimius, on the southeastern coast of Sardinia, I created a five hectare vineyard on the face of a hill. This I did in accordance with the tradition of the ancient cultivators, such as my ancestors were, being strongly bound to nature and the land, more so than to the sea. And I have done it all with dedication and a poetic sensibility. “Su binu bonu cun su 'entu 'e su mari” is my motto. Translated from Sardinian it means: “Good wine with wind and sea”, and captures the spirit and passion, combined with nature's enchantment, in a small corner of paradise.




Scent of Sea and Land 

Together with my father Mario, I care for the grapevines held up by poles of chestnut during the dormant winter months, and from the re-flowering of spring until harvest. The natural surroundings of the countryside, the scents of the earth, the grapevines and the David Austin roses are the roof, walls and pillars of our company; while the direct human relations with our clients, each with their own story, are at the basis of our marketing strategy.