Photo exhibit "3 Countries" - Cagliari from February 1st to march 2nd 2014

Colline del Vento will participate in the photo exhibit titled “3 Countries"  - see… this is Cuba by Eric Chevalier, XXL by Luca Melis and To be a man is not easy by Alessandra Spano”, which will be held from February 1st to March 2nd 2014 in the Lazzareto in Cagliari.

This project shows the different vision and poetry of three photographers travelling in Cuba, China and Ghana. In the photos by Erik Chevalier, Luca De Melis and Alessandra Spano, “the other” is not a phenomenon or an apparition, but an integral part of a unique vision of the existence linked to Photography. The relationship between the photographer and the spectator is reduced and the voyeuristic aspect of the typical image of the travel is overcome.