Pinocchio 2.0” by Mariano Chelo – vernissage from 18th to 24th December 2010

Colline del Vento is sponsor of the Vernissage by the painter Mariano Chelo dedicated to the famous puppet by Collodi. The exhibit is called “Pinocchio 2.0”. “Mariano Chelo is an eclectic artist who transforms a mere perceptive world into expressive shapes and languages, passing from graphics to photography, from action painting to painting. In this work the author uses Pinocchio, allegoric character who in our imagination is a naughty boy, to explain and to analyse the contemporary society with its vices and virtues. With a playful look and irony, he represents him as an old man. The artist manages in a genial way to make Pinocchio’s adult body speak, without using neither his eyes nor his facial expression. Chelo’s desire was to represent social figures and with recalls to obesity, age, drugs linked with talent and curiosity creates works full of a great human value”.